Welcome to 304 Columbus Ave!

I am happy to announce that on Feb 1st 2020 I joined the team at Integrated Mind and Body wellness center, conveniently located in the South End between Clarendon and Dartmouth Streets and around the corner from Back Bay station. Come see me here for Massage, Health Coaching, and Reiki. The team also offers OT and private Pilates instruction.  


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Who Needs a Health Coach?

These days it's hard for ANYONE to stay on a health-conscious path.  You can find yourself spinning in circles with the bombardment of overt and subliminal messages telling us what we "need" to stay happy and healthy and nutritional advise that is confusing, contradictory, and incomplete.  For fear of making the wrong decision or from pure exhaustion, many stay stagnant in their comfort zones, even when they need and/or want to change.  In short, we can ALL use help now and then.  

Some specific examples: