I'm proud to share a handful of recent testimonials from my happy customers. Melrose Health Coaching is dedicated to exceptional customer care, and will always go above and beyond to make sure you’re satisfied with your results. If you’ve had a good experience in my classes or programs and have feedback, please get in touch - I’d love to hear it.

I took Cary's Fermentation 101 class which was fantastic. Not only did she go over why fermented foods are healthy, but she taught us how to ferment veggies in our own homes. Being able to ask questions as I made my first jar, has made me much more comfortable continuing to ferment on my own. Thanks Cary!


I JUST went to a gut health event hosted by Cary and absolutely LOVED it. Her holistic approach to wellness just makes sense. Apart from her vast knowledge, she shines as a genuine person who wants nothing more than to help others. Any client would be lucky to have her.


Cary is super knowledgeable about nutrition and human nature. She also has a passion for helping people find wellness and is a really caring person. Anyone seeking nutritional advice from Cary will be glad they did, I highly recommend you give her a call!!


Cary is a phenomenal health coach and a wonderful person. if you are at the beginning of your journey, or fed up - Cary can help. For me, I was looking to lose weight and be healthier, sure, but moreover I was looking to understand how to go about doing that, and stick with it - I felt like I had tried everything. She understood quickly what I was looking for and began to explore many areas to find out what worked for me. We discussed:
- Exercise/body programs; yoga, gym schedules, types of classes, multiple massage techniques, among others, 
- Food ideas; juicing/body shock, portion control, vegan, food elimination etc, 
- Mental Health; journaling, self check ins, understanding what works for me! etc...

^^^Some of these things I have tried by myself with little to no success, but Cary had a way of collaboratively setting expectations and goals with me that not only gave me the ability to meet them, but also made me WANT to exceed them.

Cary is a gem with a TON of knowledge - 6 months from now - you'll feel lucky to have found her.


Cary is amazing for a number of reasons. I came to her because I was suffering from chronic fatigue and chronic low-grade inflammation due to an autoimmune disease. I hoped she could help me find a way to eat that would ease my symptoms.  She did that and more. She helped me structure my life so that I could maximize my time and energy. And she did it with affection, patience, and good humor. Cary didn't try to impose a one-size-fits-all solution on me. She worked with me to determine what foods make me, personally, sick. She listened to my feedback and came up with suggestions that would work for my life and individual tastes. She is incredibly practical and non-judgmental, and has an amazing amount of information. She's also incredibly generous - with her time and her ideas. During the week I would receive emails when she found something or thought of something she believed would help me. And when I came in for my meeting, it was the same thing - she had new ideas based on something I'd said at the previous meeting, she brought books she thought would be helpful, recipes, etc. It felt as if she were truly thinking of me and what would work for my situation. She also gets it that sticking with a new program can be tough. Her understanding and her ability to help you find ways to overcome your bad habits are phenomenal. She's warm and so clearly wants to help. The good news is she can - she has the knowledge and disposition to make her a great health coach. I can't recommend her highly enough.




Welcome to 304 Columbus Ave!

I am happy to announce that on Feb 1st 2020 I joined the team at Integrated Mind and Body wellness center, conveniently located in the South End between Clarendon and Dartmouth Streets and around the corner from Back Bay station. Come see me here for Massage, Health Coaching, and Reiki. The team also offers OT and private Pilates instruction.  


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