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Distance Reiki Treatments

What is a distance Reiki treatment?

Reiki is spiritually directed life-force energy and it is not limited by time and space. This means you can receive a Reiki treatment with me even if we are not in the same place together.

How does it work? What is a treatment like?

Distance Reiki treatments are as effective as in-person treatments.

First, you contact me via phone or email to arrange a time for your treatment. At this time, we will talk more about Reiki and any questions you may have about distance healing.

At the time of your treatment, I recommend that you go to a quiet place and lay down to rest. You may even want to play some relaxing music. You may want to turn off your phone so that you are not interrupted. It's not necessary to be in a quiet place in order to receive a distance Reiki treatment, but you will be more relaxed and will likely enjoy the experience more if you are comfortable.

During the treatment, I make a connection to you using Reiki techniques learned in Reiki Level II. I generally begin by visualizing working on your head and throat, and then working on the front and back of the body. During the treatment, you may feel calm and peaceful, and you may even feel the energy moving through your body. Sensations experienced are similar to those described for in-person treatments. The energy you feel is Reiki; I only act as a pathway for the energy, the same as with an in-person treatment. You draw in the Reiki you need and you are truly the healer here.

You may choose to receive either a 30 or 60 minute distance treatment. When we scheduled the appointment, you may have requested a follow-up call, in which case I will call you a few minutes after the treatment has ended to see if you have any questions. Many people don't like to be disturbed after the treatment, so if you prefer I can email you or call you the next day.

Reiki does not take the place of medical or psychological care. I cannot offer any type of diagnosis or prescription. I'm happy to share with you more about distance healing or discuss anything that came up for you in the treatment.

Why have a distance vs in-person Reiki treatment?

Reasons to have a distance Reiki treatment include:


  • Disability or illness that makes it difficult to come for an in-person treatment

  • You would like to have more frequent treatments but can't come in for an appointment every time

  • Child care/elder care issues make it difficult to come for an in-person treatment

  • Curiosity about distance healing

  • Your work schedule only allows for late-night or early morning treatments when my office space is closed

  • Clients who live outside of Boston but would like to have Reiki treatments with me

How do I make an appointment?

Call me at 781-605-9757 or email

When we schedule your appointment, I will also send you a client intake/permission form that you can fill out and email back to me.


$30 for a 30 minute treatment and $60 for a 60 minute treatment

** Free of charge during COVID quarantine**

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