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I appreciate your business and take seriously the trust you put in me when you come for an appointment, and I am always looking for the best ways to keep you safe. 

  • MERV air filters: these are the highest standard in air filters used in hospitals, changed regularly and used in every room of the studio.

  • Increased ventilation in the treatment room:  In addition to the 3x2 air vent fitted with MERV filter that is always blowing during sessions, a second vent has been added to let air out of the room, ensuring constant circulation.  

  • Masks for practitioners and clients: masks are now optional for clients and your therapists will use a mask while working near the your face.

  • Sanitizing: hand sanitizer is requested upon entering the studio, and all door knobs and faucet handles, face cradles and contact surfaces are sanitized between sessions.

  • Vaccines: All studio staff have been fully vaccinated

COVID-19 Precautions

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